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Every tonne of biodiesel used
saves over 3 tonnes of
carbon dioxide emissions.

CPU 1000
Technology that will convince you. Produces 1000 litres
of biodiesel per hour...

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Biofuel Industrial
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Green Fuels The tail pipe emissions from biodiesel are far more people-friendly than those from petrodiesel. They are neither carcinogenic nor mutagenic and cause far less bronchial irritation. EPA confirms that.

"Biodiesel has many advantages for the future of South Africa in being able to strengthen our economy and create jobs. Biodiesel is an ideal fuel for the transportation industry in our country as it can be used in any diesel engine. Everything from food at the supermarket to the computer that you are using is transport using diesel."

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, using pure biodiesel (B100) instead of conventional diesel reduces these emissions:

Hydrocarbons by more than 60 percent
Carbon monoxide by more than 40 percent
Particulates by more than 40 percent
EPA studies also suggest that using biodiesel reduces the numerous toxic substances present in diesel exhaust (including many cancer-causing compounds).

Biodiesel also presents fewer health risks during storage and handling. The fuel is 100 percent biodegradable if spilled and has roughly the same toxicity as table salt, making it especially attractive for use in sensitive natural environments.

Fact: South Africa consumes about 25-billion litres of fuel a year, of which about 40% or 10-billion litres is diesel.

Supply Oil Press in South Africa

Our Oil extractors are ideal for anyone who desires to produce their own land-based fuel. They are engineered to be reliable, durable, and compact.

CPU 1000

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CPU 1000
The CPU 1000 is a compact, pre-tested & standardized machine for the production of biodiesel in South Africa.
The plant produces 1000 litres of biodiesel per hour that equates to 8000 tons per year.
Designed for 24 hour operation and it is installed in a 20 ft. ISO container (6,1m x 2,4m x 2,6m).
Quality assurance testing will be done prior to delivery.

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CPU 1000

Innovative press featuring performance and yield parameters intended for pressing of wide range of oil seeds. They resulted from long-term research and development.

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