Biodiesel Equipment

Biodiesel Reactor

Our reactors are capable of producing 1000L & 2000L batches depending on your requirements. The reactor can also be customised and automated to make the process more efficient.
This Biotech unit is electrically heated, have a powerful mixer and come equipped with a 5 micron industrial filter. Temperature controls are provided. All components are standard, as design philosophy calls for global materials and parts availability. Construction is build following the SABS standards for industrial and ambient safety. Mixers and pumps are being built ATEX - explosion proof.
Process temperature controls are mounted on the control panel; a thermostat and an analogue thermometer are provided.

Biodiesel Purifier

Due to the standards of biodiesel, it’s inevitable that the water content in the biodiesel must meet the ASTM or EN standards. The B series biodiesel purification device is specially designed and produced for solving the problem mentioned above.

It is suitable for the treatment of biodiesel:
• Removes the soluble water in the biodiesel very fast. =50 ppm
• Emulsification breaking for the biodiesel.
• Fine filtering the granule in the biodiesel.
• Safe and reliable running with the unit group on the production line.

B series specialized biodiesel purifier is integrated with many patents technology as a whole, such as vacuum evaporation, separation engineering technology, coalescing and fine precision technology. On the condition of high vacuum, it can fast remove the gas, water, colloid and all kinds of pigments etc., which can make biodiesel to reach the ASTM or EN standards, and realize running on the production line.

Biodiesel Ion exhange filter

Esterification catalyst for fatty acids removal from triglycerides.

Absorber for glycerine, soaps, salts, water, MeOH

The benefits of using ion exchangers are obvious. Compared to conventional methods, this process works without generating waste-water. The systems are also compact and their simple structure means they are resistant to malfunction and do not require intensive maintenance. The process has already demonstrated its industrial-scale capability, with ion exchangers from LANXESS already in operation at leading biodiesel production plants with capacities of up to 300,000 tons a year.

Ultrasonic Processor

•The use of Hielscher’s ultrasonic reactor technology is a highly cost-effective means of converting a batch biodiesel reaction process to a continuous process.

• High quality biodiesel can be produced on a continuous basis with greatly reduced operating costs in terms of methanol and catalyst usage

• The ultrasonic reactors provide significant operational flexibility improved recovery times from operational upsets caused in other areas of the process

• Key operating parameters may be easily and quickly adjusted to optimize process performance with the aim of continuous control of biodiesel quality
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Chemical graded cone bottomed tanks

The tanks are available in two different sizes: 1 200l, 5 000l and 10 000l. Manufactured from linear polyethylene in one piece, seamless construction this tank series is designed for either indoor or outdoor use. Cone bottoms provide for quick and complete drainage.

Bag filter & cartridge filter

We have different types and sizes of filters for the use of filtering biodiesel and oils.
Filter from 1 micron up to 50 microns.

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